The line of Stroppa Bio products has been conceived pursuant to the existing reference and quality standards. Shapes, texture and flavour are ensured by a rigid selection of ingredients which are
kneaded in safe environments and according to the strictest
kneading and safety law regulations.


Certified products acknowledged as organic by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Resources.

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This standard ensures an efficient selection of food suppliers for mass retail channels. This model is approved both in Europe and throughout the world.

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Image with the crossed ear of wheat granted by Associazione Italiana Celiachia (the Italian Coeliac Disease Association)

Products suitable for people suffering from coeliac disease, with their gluten content below 20 ppm.

By clicking here or on the logo image you can view all the licensed products of the Spiga Barrata brand directly on the AIC website.

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Ministerial authorisation for gluten-free products

Products suitable for people suffering from coeliac disease and available through the Italian Health System.


Products free of animal-derived ingredients and substances.

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