Gnocchi di patate

Few and simple ingredients for one of the Italian traditional dishes.

Gnocchi ripieni

Tasty, nutritious and appetizing: a mixture of intense flavours.

Pasta fresca

A traditional Italian product available in different shapes.

Pasta fresca all’uovo

A mixture of simple and nutritious ingredients, as if it was home-made.

Pasta ripiena

A delicious balance of flavours for excellent stuffing.

Pasta ripiena doppia sfoglia

Double delight for palates with its perfect symphony of flavours.

Gluten Free

Delicious gluten-free products for those who demand tasty food.

Pasta ripiena vegana

A selection of totally-genuine, healthy and organic ingredients.

Here is Stroppa Bio line Every single piece is created with care and passion

We bring our products to European families to revive the magic of concepts like pleasant meals, family and good cooking


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We offer the best products of the Italian traditional cuisine.

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The Stroppa family has produced 100% Italian products since 1968.