Pasta ripiena doppia sfoglia

Organic Delicacies

Double delight for palates with its perfect symphony of flavours.

A half whole wheat treasure of soft and delicate flavours, made with carefully-selected fresh ricotta cheese and spinach.

Ravioli Ricotta e spinaci Semi-Integrali Stroppa Bio

A masterpiece of flavours, with an intense and enveloping taste, featuring the unmistakable aroma of porcini mushrooms.

Mezzelune ai Funghi Porcini Stroppa Bio

A core containing a real delicacy for palates, an experience with an extraordinary taste.

Girasoli Gorgonzola Dop e Miele Stroppa Bio

This kind of pasta is extremely tasty and scented, an appetizing and tempting first course with DOP (Protected Designation Of Origin) cheese.

Quadratoni ai Formaggi Stroppa Bio